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Updates on ADI part 3 tests and standards checks

  Updates on ADI part 3 tests and standards checks DVSA has reviewed changes made to ADI part 3 test and standards checks. Keeping the current changes DVSA is keeping part 3 and standards check at 45 minutes across Great Britain. Tests carried out during the pandemic have shown that it gives enough time for instructors to properly demonstrate all of the required competences and use appropriate instructional techniques. There is no evidence that the shortened test has resulted in any detriment to standards.  Feedback from examiners carrying out the tests is that the shorter period has led to a more focused assessment. DVSA will also continue to ask that your pupil who you bring to these tests must be at least partly trained.  This is because beginner lessons tend to have a greater proportion of stationary instruction, and we need to be able to assess the instructor’s ability to control the lesson in a moving environment. Allowing trainers to sit in on tests Trainers

ADI Standards Check Test Training

  ADI STANDARDS CHECK CHANGES   The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is making 2 changes to the way that approved driving instructor (ADI) standards checks work . ADI standards checks assess your ability to teach pupils . The changes affect: when you’ll have to take a standards check the support you get from DVSA before you take your standards check The changes do not apply to motorcycle trainer standards checks.     2. When you have to take an ADI standards check Until now, you’ve had to take at least one standards check during each 4-year period that you’re registered as an ADI. The date you took your last standards check has been used to decide when you have to take your next one. DVSA has introduced a new method to decide when you have to take your standards check. It now uses data from the driving tests your pupils have taken. 2.1 Indicators DVSA looks at DVSA will look at data for the last 12 months for the pupils you brought for a