Why Train to become a driving instructor?

Why Become A Driving Instructor? For each person the reasons are different. Job Freedom Earn £28-£42 per hour New car every 12/18 months Be Your Own Boss Having a qualification More time with the family Enjoy Teaching Having a better job and prospects Choose the days and times you want to work Take time off when you need Balance your work and home life Our instructor’s work the hours that suit them and you could be doing exactly the same! Whatever your reason, we are here to help. We can help you reach that goal. Most people remember there driving instructor many years after they passed, that's how much what you do will make a difference to somebody's life. You want to make sure you get the best training to help you become the best instructor! Don't leave it to chance. If you are not going to train on a one to one basis with an ORDIT registered trainer then don't even consider it!! Call or Text 07791 152 046